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Learner. Teacher. Healer.

Crystal Dawn Hurt

“The sun still rises, even with pain.” – The Head and the Heart

Hello, radiant souls! I’m Crystal Dawn Hurt, and I cherish the name I was given. It beautifully reflects my journey with Crystal Dawn Energy and my resolve to heal the inner “hurt” I’ve carried for years.

Growing up as the daughter of divorced, recovering alcoholics, my family projected an illusion of perfection, hiding the complex reality beneath. I’m intimately familiar with how childhood trauma can cast a long shadow on one’s adult life. Though my parents supported me, I grew up with a distorted sense of self-worth and love.

Life’s challenges continued to mount as I grew older. At age 25, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly after buying my first home in the quiet town of Elwood, Nebraska. While renovating, I encountered the spirit of the previous owner, who shared his story and asked me to fulfill a final request. This was my first experience seeing through the veil, and it was both enlightening and unsettling. It led to a brief stay in a mental health clinic and was also the beginning of my psychic journey.  

Looking back, this period was a spiritual awakening, though I was made to believe I was fundamentally flawed. I went through numerous medications, counseling sessions, and psychiatry appointments, feeling increasingly disconnected from my true self. The medications left me feeling like a zombie, and I turned to alcohol for relief. I withdrew from social media, avoided photos, and struggled with daily thoughts of self-harm. The financial burden of traditional therapy was immense, sometimes exceeding $2,700 per month, yet none of this brought me peace.

Desperate for a different approach, I explored alternative healing methods. Through extensive research and embracing a holistic approach, I found modalities that resonated with me and offered new hope. These practices have helped me not just survive but thrive. I reclaimed my body, abandoned prescription medications, and rediscovered the joy of living—mind, body, and soul.

On my healing journey, I’ve obtained certifications in Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Emotion Code, and Reiki and am currently completing my NLP/Hypnosis certification. I am ordained through the Universal Life Church and provide Psychedelic Integration Coaching, focusing on the healing potential of plant-based remedies.

Before embarking on this path, I spent 14 years teaching full-time in the public school system. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s in 7-12 English and K-12 ESL and a Master’s in PK-12 Reading Speciality. I’ve always been a lifelong learner, a trait that continues to enrich my practice.

Outside of my healing work, I find peace in nature, enjoying camping, kayaking, hiking, and exploring new places. I share my life with two beloved feline companions, Pneuma and Rabble Rouser. My passion for nurturing life extends to propagating plants, so you might leave my healing studio with a green companion of your own.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, guiding you toward light and love on your unique journey.

With light and love ☀️❤️☀️,

Crystal Dawn

My Strengths


I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. As a avid life-long learner, I love sharing information in all formats (books, videos, podcasts, etc) with my clients. The process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites me, and I am always sharpening my skills through increased knowledge and experience.


I love goal-setting and celebrating success and want to help you do the same! I believe in the power of commiting to a task, breaking it apart into manageable components, and rewarding oneself upon completion. If you are working towards a goal, let me help you achieve it.


I am committed to individual and group excellence. I focus on what is good, and seek to transform it into something great. The idea of an untapped potential excites me. I naturally work towards achieving the best, and inspire others to do the same.


I am insanely curious, constantly acquiring information, facts and knowledge about several topics. This makes me an insightful conversationalist who can always share new information and ways to shift perspectives.


What Clients Say

It still takes my breath away thinking about this retreat, there are many healers and spiritual guides, but none like Crystal Dawn. She has perfectly harnessed her years of experience in education, and communication merging them with her knowledge of the holistic. Her approach, seemingly effortlessly casual, teaching through living, just when you least expect it her mastery of these skills manifests and leaves you in reverent awe. If you are seeking healing, and clarity about your path in life, your place in the universe, seeking your authenticity. Find a teacher who lives authentically, find Crystal. I am excited to continue to learn at sessions in her beautiful studio, and can't wait for the next retreat!


Thank you so much for sharing your healing guidance last night. I feel much more focused and calm this morning. I am grateful to you and the Universe. I have more energy and things are really much clearer. Amazing the power of the energy and vibrations which you control. I was very impressed with your entire session. Thanks again!

Robin Wilson
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