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90-Minute Energy Healing Sessions are designed to unblock and align the 7 Chakras. A session begins with The Emotion Code, a powerful tool to release trapped emotions in the body that result in dis-ease, followed by a reiki session, and ends with a personalized sound bath that includes singing bowls and tuning forks so that you leave feeling aligned and relaxed.


A transformative coaching journey designed to help you achieve emotional balance, personal growth, and profound self-awareness. Through a unique blend of Emotion Code and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), 1:1 coaching offers a holistic approach to empower you in various aspects of your life. Book a discovery call to see if this is right for you.


Looking to truly deepen your spiritual connection? Weekend retreats offer you time, community, guidance, and support to work through personal blocks so that you leave feeling more alive than ever. Stay tuned for upcoming retreats.

The Studio/Locations

The healing studio is located in the top story of my home, which I purchased and renovated throughout the summer of 2023. I am also available to come to a location of your choice if that is more comfortable for you. There is an additional travel/set-up time cost for on-site sessions.

Healing Tools

Singing Bowls

Tuning Forks




What Clients Say

It still takes my breath away thinking about this retreat, there are many healers and spiritual guides, but none like Crystal Dawn. She has perfectly harnessed her years of experience in education, and communication merging them with her knowledge of the holistic. Her approach, seemingly effortlessly casual, teaching through living, just when you least expect it her mastery of these skills manifests and leaves you in reverent awe. If you are seeking healing, and clarity about your path in life, your place in the universe, seeking your authenticity. Find a teacher who lives authentically, find Crystal. I am excited to continue to learn at sessions in her beautiful studio, and can't wait for the next retreat!

Dave H.

Thank you so much for sharing your healing guidance last night. I feel much more focused and calm this morning. I am grateful to you and the Universe. I have more energy and things are really much clearer. Amazing the power of the energy and vibrations which you control. I was very impressed with your entire session. Thanks again!

Pat F.
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